Saturday, July 28, 2007

July 1977

Romantically, I would write, "innocence was born." Realistically, who knows. I was born to a mother who knew the streets better than she cared to know me. She was a fertile broad. With wide swung hips and of course, there were those infamous tits. Giving life to a total of 7 persons like myself. Only five would survive. As hapless as my life started it also was meant to end. Sorting through the half truths and hazy memories of others on that day, came this. My mother had just given birth. During the night on the floor. Everyone in the house was asleep. Afterwards, she picked up both of us and put us outside. It was icy and cold. That's where my grandmother found us. Stuck to the ice several hours later. One person saved the other one lost. I forgive her. She knew not then what shes done. Nor had she since times past.